Chelsea Crystal Palace Live Match

August 9, 2021
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Premier League’s Chelsea vs Crystal Palace live match will be played in Stamford Bridge on 14th August 2021 at 02:00 pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Before start discussing about Chelsea vs Crystal palace live match stream UK, let’s see the current issues currently facing by both teams.

Latest news about Chelsea vs Crystal Palace live play off

Latest news about Chelsea FC

Glen Johnson has claimed that Romelu Lukaku is not fit for the Premier League and believes Chelsea are making a mistake in bringing Belgian back to Stamford Bridge.

The 28-year-old is closing in on a £98million return from Milan to England, as the Italian side seeks to ease its financial woes.

Lukaku scored 42 goals in 74 Serie A matches for Italy since returning from Manchester United in 2019, and lost to Inter in their first league title in a decade last season.

But former Blues defender Glenn Johnson, speaking to, is not convinced that Lukaku will be able to bring his Serie A form to England.

Glen Johnson’s statement

“I’m not so sure the Premier League is up to Lukaku,” Johnson said.

Obviously he’s a big, strong guy, quite physical but I think the Premier League is too soon for him.

No, I wouldn’t like to see him come back. But in some leagues, he’s going to score, albeit a little slower.

Johnson is keen on a possible move by West Ham’s Declan Rice, who has long been linked with a move away from the Hammers.

Chelsea are one of the clubs that are thought to be interested if the 22-year-old becomes available, and Johnson says he will be the perfect fit for the Blues.

“I think they can do that with their legs.” “He has a lot of energy, he charges here and there and he’s very passionate so I think he’ll fit the club.

They will love him as long as he leaves Hammers on good terms. “I think he will fit in with the current Chelsea team. Imagine her legs and forks! I definitely want to see it. “

Latest news about Crystal Palace

If you are a supporter of Crystal Palace, you can be forgiven for not knowing what you are going to get. First, Roy Hudson retired. Then you think you can get Nuno Espirito Santo.

When it comes down to it, you’re pretty sure it’s going to be Borussia Dortmund’s former manager Lucian Favre. Even the club believes it will.

It just doesn’t happen at the last minute. Suddenly, Patrick Vieira is the man in charge.

A legend on the pitch but still learning in the dugout. The biggest test of his management career after his roles at Manchester City Academy, New York City and Nice.

 His last job at the French club ended with his team in the 11th League after two and a half years.

With Hudson, you knew what you would get. Practical, not overbearing, but safety. With Viera, it’s not that clear.

From the people who have worked with him and under him he speaks of a man of high quality. You don’t get what you get in the game without them.

Someone who has strong beliefs about how their teams should play: from behind, dominant, win it quickly.

He speaks of an educated, hungry manager. A sponge anyone who observes other coaches tries to get rid of the aspects of their game that make them successful. Marcelo Bielsa, of course.

He had particularly interested in how Gian Piero Gasperini transformed Atlanta into a unique offensive organization.

“Pep is the guy he admires, but he’s not the only one,” Vieira’s assistant, Christian Lattanzio at Man City, New York City and Nice, told The Mail on Sunday.

 He doesn’t have a coach that is his ideal. Patrick is not a clone. It has its own way of watching football.

He likes to see what people do to succeed and why and see if they can be able to play for his teams. ‘

There are very few people who know the methods of Vieira better than Lattanzio. He has been a man of his right hand.

Lattanzio watched as Vieira ended her playing career in Man City, who then took a subterfuge before making sure she wanted to coach as a club ambassador.

“Patrick was complete. He is a boy. If you tell me he is going to be a coach, I will say yes. If you told me he was going to the media, I would say yes.

Can he go upstairs and work with the management group, I would say yes. He can do a lot. I think in England you call it “one truck pony”. Well, Patrick has got a lot of tricks.

One of them is the belief in giving voice to the people around you. No ego In Man City, Vieira made sure she learned all her names before she started coaching her players.

He talked about how important it is to feel close to your squad.

George Swann, who plays for Vieira in City, told Athletic that :

“You thought about what you did in your career, and you still had time for everyone.

He is a man of principles, encouraging his players to get off the pitch in 2014 when teenager Seko Fofana had racially abused.

At half-time during a game in the 2018-19 seasons, he told his players:

‘If I could, I would change all of you except the three of you.

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