The Premier League has announced that fans will be subject to random spot checks as per Covid-19

August 10, 2021
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The Premier League has announced that fans will subject to random checks on their Covid-19 in first weeks of season.

The 2021-22 campaign, in which supporters return to stadiums after easing corona virus restrictions.

Began on Friday where BrentFord will host Arsenal.

Premier League official’s statement for fans

In a statement issued on Monday regarding the Match Day protocol, the Premier League said fans attending the games should prepared to indicate.

They should have fully vaccinated or should vaccinated in last 48 hours.

The negative background flow test obtained by the NHS via the NHS Covid Pass.

And he said: “Initially, in the first few match days of the season, supporters can expect to introduce random spot checks for ticket holders.

Lastly we set up the required process so that clubs and fans can play and attend all matches.”

The league also said fans should abide by the code of conduct, emphasizing the importance of wearing masks in indoor areas.

Avoiding close contact with people you don’t know and the one-way street around the stadium.

The statement added:

“Although the nation is reopening, the government has made it clear that the epidemic is far from over.

“It is possible that the change of safety measures will be on short notice. Fans should continue to follow the latest public health guidelines and instructions from their club.

“However, even in these uncertain times, we are hopeful that by continuing to work with fans, support groups, football stakeholders.

And definitely with the national government and local authorities.

Everyone can enjoy a full and dynamic stadium as remaining safe from Covid-19.

“The Premier League will continue to consult with all major stakeholders.

Including the Football fans Association, and run a campaign to ensure that all ticket holders are ready for the match.”

The capacity limit has lifted on July 19 and are now arrange locally.

Uncertainty remains over whether the so-called ‘vaccine passport’ would be introduced.

Moreover across the board and in places with 20,000 or more fans too – by the end of September.

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